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The Arbitration Academy Is Established

The Arbitration Academy Is Established

Ibn Haldun University will train national and international arbitrators and arbitration lawyers

Ibn Haldun University signed a cooperation protocol with the Administrative Affairs Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and Istanbul Commerce University to train arbitrators and arbitration lawyers in the developing field of national and international arbitration in Turkey. With this protocol, the “Arbitration Academy” was established to contribute to the development of the arbitration institution in our country. Arbitration Academy aims to train researchers and practitioners who can conduct qualified research in the field of arbitration and contribute to the practice, to achieved historical, sociological and other scientific researches of arbitration and establish specialized libraries to increase the quality of research in the field.  In Addition, Arbitration Academy aims to make publications available to those concerned by making them available for free access, it will plan and encourage cooperation with other national and international institutions and organizations by publishing articles written on the subject. Besidies them, providing basic and advanced arbitration training, supporting graduate and doctoral studies, organizing and publishing academic events such as national and international symposiums, conferences and workshops