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Minor Program

Ibn Haldun University
School of Law
Minor Course Plan
Code Course Name Hours Credit ECTS
Theory Practice
LAW 101 Constitutional Law I 2 2 3 4
LAW 103  Civil Law I 2 2 3 4
LAW 107 Introduction to Law  3 0 3 5
LAW 102 Constitutional Law II 2 2 3 4
LAW 201 Law of Obligations General Provisions I 2 2 3 5
LAW 203 Administrative Law I 3 0 3 5
LAW205 Criminal Law General Provisions I 2 2 3 5
LAW 301 Civil Procedural Law I 3 0 3 4
1) In order to successfully complete the minor program, it is compulsory to successfully complete all of the above compulsory courses (8 ECTS) and in addition to this, at least 20 ECTS courses to be selected among the LAW coded compulsory or elective courses in the curriculum of the Law 30% English undergraduate program. At least 10 ECTS of the 20 ECTS to be taken as electives must be taken from courses in English. 
2) Based on the Senate decision dated 28.12.2021, in addition to the major obligations (240 ECTS), students enrolled in the Minor program must take at least 3 courses with a total of not less than 15 ECTS in order to graduate.
3) For students who have taken and succeeded in LAW 104 Civil Law II and LAW 202 General Provisions of the Law of Obligations II courses, which were included in the old minor program and removed in the new program, these courses are counted as electives. Students who have taken and failed the related courses can take LAW coded compulsory or elective courses and count them to these courses.