Workshop on the Mandatory Mediation in Labour Disputes

The workshop on the “Mandatory Mediation under the Code of Labour Procedure numbered 7036” was held by the graduate students of International and Comparative Law Program of Ibn Haldun Univertsity at 16thJanuary, 2018 at the university. In the workshop that the law faculty members joined as audiences, the speakers M. Talha KAAN, Meryem SOLMAZ, Suphi ÇÖREKÇİ, Tansu DAYIOĞLU, Abdullah Furkan TAŞKIN and Ahmet Bilal AYTEKİN examined the new regulation in the Code of Labour Procedure from different perspectives. Assist. Prof. Yeliz Borzkurt GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU stated, in the closing speech of the workshop, that the assessment of the speakers is significant to understand the activities of mandatory mediation and it is grateful that the graduate students organize a workshop on a current legal problem based on their knowledge obtained from the seminar classes.


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