About the Program

Law is a social science that arises from the need for order of people living in a society. Law has come to life in different ways since the earliest times and aims to ensure a fair social order. The discipline is constantly changing and transforming. The everlasting and evolving feature of law should be taken into account in the design of legal curriculum.

Ibn Haldun University School of Law is a faculty that applies, besides classical education, interactive and comparative education methods by using innovative ways and reach to opportunities provided by technology. With actively involved small student groups, our school of law’s educational understanding enables students to access rich resources even prior to the courses, encourages them to do research with a critical perspective and thus plants the research spirit in the undergraduate level. The school of law, thanks to its faculty members having both national and international background, has reached a level that can provide graduate education in addition to undergraduate education in the very first year of its establishment.

The course program is prepared considering the current requirements in the field of law. On the one hand, students are given the opportunity to specialize in certain areas through elective courses while they are still at the undergraduate level, on the other hand, they are given the opportunity to learn more than one foreign language and thus enabling them to do comparative law research. Considering that it is not possible to train a good lawyer with an understanding that is far from practice, in addition to theoretical courses, practical courses are given and law clinics and mediation clinics are planned. Thus, the aim is to show legal problem solving methods to our students. Our students attend national and international moot competitions and gain experience, especially in international studies. In addition, through courthouse visits and joint studies with practitioners, students learn about job opportunities during the undergraduate study. With minor and double major program opportunities provided by our university, it is possible for students to gain competence in other social sciences.

Vision of the Program

To become an exemplary and reputable law school from Turkey, that graduates students which take active roles at the national and international arena of lawyers.

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