Is there any application fee?

There is no application fee for graduate programs.

How can I apply to graduate programs?

You can apply by visiting

How many programs can I apply for?

You are allowed to apply for maximum 3 programs.

What kind of documents do I need to prepare for application?

Each program has different application requirements. For all of the international applicants, language proficiency documents, letter of intent and 2 reference letter are compulsory. You can get more information from Requirements page .

I haven’t graduated from a bachelor degree program yet. Can I apply for a graduate program?

Yes, you can. If you are accepted to the program, it is compulsory to submit your diploma or interim certificate of graduation.

When is the online application period?

Online application period for 2018 – 2019 Fall Term is  9 April – 8 June 2018.

What is the language of education in graduate programs?

There are English and Turkish programs.

I haven’t graduated yet, so I don’t have a grade point average (GPA). Which grade average will be taken into account during evaluation process?

The latest cumulative grade point average (CGPA) will be taken into account which the applicant submitted during the application process. For the applicants who are not graduated from a bachelors programme during application, the cumulative grade point average of the first 7 semesters in universities having semester based education and the cumulative grade point of the first 3 years in universities having yearly based education, are taken into consideration.

I graduated from an open university program. Can I apply?

Yes, you can.

Is there evening or distance education in graduate programs?

There is no evening or distance learning program in our university.

Can I apply with a lacking document?

No, you can not. You have to upload all of the required documents into online application system.

Should the graduate program I plan to apply be the same with my bachelor degree program? 

International and Comparative Law, Clinical Psychology and Counselling and Psychological Counselling programs require the applications of candidates from certain fields.

Is foreign language a prerequisite to apply for graduate programs?

Each program requires different level of language proficiency. You should visit program page.

Is there compulsory attendance in program course? 

There is 70 % compulsory attendance in course and in-semester works. .

How should I prepare reference letter? 

It is compulsory for reference letters to be sent by an academician. Your reference letter request will be sent to your professor via online application system as email. S/he will open this email, click the link in this email and see a document upload area. S/he will upload the letter in this area. Letters that are directly sent to university or submited by hand will not be accepted.

In which language CV and letter of intent be written?

They should be written in English or in Turkish.

I am a senior student and I don’t have my last term transcript. Is it a problem for application?

You can send your current transcript, but you have to submit your transcript of the last term during registration.


How do I get information about written exam and interview dates?

Exam and interview dates will be announced and students will be informed by graduate school.

How do you make interviews?

The interview takes place with the participation of 3 professors from the program which the candidate has applied for.

How will the application be evaluated? 

An evaluation commitee consisting of at least three academics from the relevant programme is formed by the Institute Board. The commitee ranks the candidates with valid applications and proposes the names of the most succesful applicants to the Institute Management Board.

Should I make any other application for scholarship?

No. Your application is evaluated according to the available scholarship. You will be informed by the acceptance letter about the kind of scholarship that is offered.


Is there any English program in your university?

Yes, there are graduate programs in English. For more information, please visit Programs page.

Which language proficiency tests are accepted for graduate programmes?

YDS / E-YDS / YÖKDİL and TOEFL will be accepted for English proficiency. YDS Arabic will be accepted for Arabic proficiency. TÖMER will be accepted for Turkish proficiency.

I don’t have the proficiency documents above. Can I apply? 

If you don’t have the language documents above, you can take Ibn Haldun University English, Arabic and Turkish test.

Is there a fee for Ibn Haldun University language test?

You can get information from Language Exam page.

I graduated from an English program. Can I be exempt from language proficiency ? 

No, you have to provide language proficiency documents of the tests above.

I have IELTS document. Can I be exempt from language proficiency?

No. Since the Council of Higher Education of Turkey no more recognizes this exam, you have to provide one of TOEFL, YDS / YÖKDİL / E-YDS documents or take Ibn Haldun University language proficiency test.

I did not take tests like YDS, TOEFL or etc. I did not take the language proficiency test that Ibn Haldun University organized as well. Do I get acceptance in condition of submiting the relevant language proficiency document in the future? 

No. If language proficiency document is missing, the application of the student is not sent to the program for evaluation. The application will not be valid due to missing document. An evaluation in condition of submiting a relevant language proficiency document in the future is not accepted as well.

How long YDS / E-YDS / YÖKDİL test results are valid?

The results are valid for  5 years starting from the exam date.


What kind of scholarship does Ibn Haldun University offer? 

You can get information from Scholarships page .

What are the criteria for receiving scholarship or discount? 

Scholarship and discount are awarded according to the results of the written exam and/or the interview and the evaluation of the documents which the applicant provided during application process.

How long the scholarship and the discount are valid?

The scholarships or discounts that the candidate is awarded will be valid during the education process. The period of a graduate programme with thesis is 4 terms.

Do the scholarship student have to work in the university?

Students awarded with Merit Based Scholarship (UBB) and Full Scholarship (TAB) have to work in Ibn Haldun University. University expects these students to support teaching, research and administrative works according to their academic tendencies.

As a scholarship student, can I work outside Ibn Haldun University?

Students awarded with Merit Based Scholarship (UBB) or Full Scholarship (TAB) are not allowed to work outside university.

If I fail in the courses, does the scholarship continue?

You can get information from Ibn Haldun University’s Graduate Scholarship Directive page.

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